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Optimize User Experiences with Data Science Capabilities

A data science-driven platform that empowers you to identify and fix issues that impact UX while staying ahead of the competition and achieving your business goals Work with us

Perfect digital experiences with data science insights

Critical for multiple teams within an organization, including the Executives, Engineering, DevOps, and SRE teams.

HeadSpin’s global omnichannel testing platform enables you to test your app on various screen and screenless devices, including mobile, desktop browsers, media, audio, and automotive devices. With HeadSpin’s data science capabilities, you can perfect your app’s digital experience and achieve greater product release velocity, faster triage, and better cost efficiency.

Kartaca is your HeadSpin Partner, from the initial assessment and analysis to the plan for the final roadmap.

HeadSpin Benefits

Gather insights on
AI-based KPIs for measuring digital experience and QoE

Offer uncompromising security with SOC 2 compliant testing platform

Perform app testing on numerous browsers and device types

Get code, API, and packet visibility for end-to-end user journey analysis

Contribute to open-source Appium testing framework

Test apps on real SIM-enabled devices in 90+ locations

Enable the portability of existing automation scripts

Leverage the ability to automate Webview test cases


How Pinterest improved its active product development and UX

Testing critical elements of retail & e-commerce apps to improve CX

HeadSpin Platform Demo

Software Quality Assurance in the Telecom Industry

Why Kartaca?

Team of Experts

We’ve assembled an unprecedented level of hands-on talent under one roof to create perfect solutions for our customers.

End-to-end Approach

Our team of 30+ software, network and data engineers makes precise touches to our customers’ pain points and offers lifelong solutions.

Continuous Learning

Our team is encouraged to explore new technologies and remain at the forefront of mobile experiences to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Discover how HeadSpin can help you improve performance and launch apps with confidence.

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