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Team Testimonials – “Why Kartaca?”

“It is a great opportunity to learn about the latest technologies continuously and use them! I have to keep learning and progress all the time. I can participate in the whole process of projects end to end instead of working on a small part. Kartaca not only enables that but also it becomes your job. Thanks to the established procedures, I can finish repetitive tasks quickly and work on adding value instead. That’s why I have been working at Kartaca for 10+ years.”

Berna Salmak Gürevin

“I have been working at Kartaca since 2012. The best thing about working here is that I have no question marks. Also, there is always work discipline here, and no flood of repetitive tasks.”

Cüneyt Özbilen

“As a marketer, at Kartaca, I find continuous research and learning opportunities regarding the software industry. It is also motivating to transfer the 10-years of experience and company culture of Kartaca to the outside world, try out new things, and see the results of my actions. Regarding company culture, I feel comfortable that Kartaca treats its employees fairly, and many things are defined. The monthly training budget is also great to me.”

Gizem Terzi Türkoğlu

“Kartaca is one of the rare companies that you can earn money and work on real projects during the internship. I think it would be correct to say that Kartaca is a school for many. It is a benefit for me to find the chance to learn about various new software technologies within a systematic structure and improve my knowledge every day. Having 10+ years of IT experience, I can easily say that one cannot come across projects with repetitive operational tasks and technical debts, and long, confusing meetings at Kartaca. I feel lucky that I can get rid of daily stress during the monthly activities and company meetings, and spend stress-free working days with the help of the structured system.”

Nevzat Raytop

“As long as you have the enthusiasm and the power to learn new things, it is quite possible to improve yourself and contribute to those around you by using up-to-date technologies. You can take part in many projects by taking responsibility and taking ownership of what you do, instead of working on only your domain. Thanks to its organized structure, you will find detailed documentation of tasks done years ago, including the reasons beyond it. Moreover, if you are a detail-oriented and inquisitive person, this is a big plus. In addition, it has a culture that prefers to have machines do the repetitive work with the automation we do. In today’s world, where we spend most of our time at work rather than our family, Kartaca is among the companies that do not kill your motivation to do your job. Instead, it helps us make this time more meaningful. And most importantly for me, here, at the end of the day, when I look back, it is exciting to taste the feeling of success and see what I can do.”

Melike Sözeri

“The first thing that comes to my mind is the order. When I need to take any action, I can easily find my way with the help of documentation and work logs created regularly since the first day. Besides, working with experts and leading companies in the industry also makes me happy.”

Fatmanur Durmuş

“I love the work environment and the systematic structure of Kartaca. I enjoy the work I do here. As I am working in HR, it is very comforting that work progresses through procedures, practices are standardized, and all employees get fair treatment. Moreover, all employees have a personal training budget, which is a practice that creates a difference within the industry.”

Merve Kut Muhacır

“As a software developer, the most important thing for me is that every day I find the opportunity to do brainstorming. As a result of the challenging tasks I have undertaken from time to time, the sense of accomplishment becomes even more meaningful. It is also motivating that we deliver quality products in the end, and the customers are happy with the results.”

Ersin Yetişen

“If you are a doer and you love working, you can indulge in your responsibilities, regardless of your experience here. Additionally, established procedures and colleagues generous with sharing knowledge also make working at Kartaca a pleasure. Other pros are the education budget, snacks, and company activities. It is a culture to be learned by experience; I’m happy I’m part of it.”

Dilek Karabiber

“While working in Kartaca, not doing repetitive tasks and using new technologies is a great advantage in improving myself and staying up to date. In addition, the spread of DevOps culture within the company is also a big plus.”

Doğukan Turan

“Working with a knowledgeable and well-equipped team that helps in every way motivates me. This place gives me new knowledge and experience every day. Starting my career journey here is the best decision I’ve made.”

İpek Mangtay

“Kartaca offers the opportunity to work on projects where you can experience different technologies together and add new competencies to yourself every day.”

Berat Nakip

“I say Kartaca because of flexible working hours, monthly team activities, unlimited snacks, and the barista type coffee machine. Kartaca encourages its employees to take responsibility for projects that would affect millions of people. As long as you fulfill your responsibilities, you may also work in another field, thanks to the matrix organizational structure. Besides, I appreciate that the company gives importance to our personal development and provides us with a $100 monthly personal training budget.”

Reşat Uğur Ulu

“You can work at Kartaca for many years as a software developer and still improve yourself. If you work in Kartaca for a certain time, you may feel as if you are working with your family. If you’re not looking for another family, you don’t need to look for another company while working here. I come to the office every day as if I am going near my family, not to a workplace.”

Serdar Yüksel