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Product and Service Manager

At Kartaca, our goal is to create the perfect solutions for our customers. With the business standards that we do not compromise and preferring free software, we work to develop products that make us proud.

We are looking for new teammates who share the same enthusiasm; are curious to learn, willing to add value to what they do, and have work ethics.

The ideal candidate;

  • can manage Linux-based systems and work with text-based editors
  • can install and configure web servers and applications on Linux; preferably has basic knowledge about virtualization on Linux
  • knows about how web applications work; can examine the components of a web page
  • can track HTTP requests and responses
  • knows about SQL server management and improvements
  • has used test tools before; has enough programming skills to use test tools
  • can understand the scope and capabilities of the products he/she manages, and analyze the missing and incorrect parts
  • has basic knowledge about network concepts and network configuration
  • knows how to write scripts and tests in Python
  • knows the concepts such as test automation, allocation, orchestration, configuration management, IT change management and finds them useful
  • knows the concepts such as scaling and high accessibility