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Big Data Engineering Training, in collab. with Wtech and Google Cloud, is completed



Kartaca successfully completed its 8-week Big Data Engineering Training program, which aims to provide more employment opportunities for women in tech, on August 29. We extend our gratitude to the Women in Technology Association Wtech Academy and Google Cloud, who partnered with us for this training and made valuable contributions.


This 8-week training program has been delightful from the very start, welcoming 20 graduate students from Engineering or STEM departments who are eager to enhance their skills and pursue careers in the following areas:


  • Basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills in big data engineering
  • Techniques for data collection, storage and processing
  • Data analysis and data mining methods
  • Design and development of scalable algorithms for big data
  • Using BigQuery and its sub-platforms for big data


At Kartaca, we recognize the significance of training opportunities for those starting their careers and the contribution of such training to our industry. We are committed to supporting those who wish to gain knowledge in various software domains through our internship and training programs.


Date Published: Sep 5, 2023