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If you have any trouble finding your way in today's complex software world, Kartaca is here for you! We can help you achieve your goals in DevOps, System Architecture, Open Source System Management, Big Data, Cloud Systems, and Mobile Testing Infrastructure with our experienced team.


As markets become more competitive and agile, system processes need to align with the development processes, and teams need to have clear and continuous communication to create high-quality results quickly.

With its new name and scope, DevOps is responsible for the faster and more frequent delivery and continuity of software products and routine operational tasks. As the sharp distinction between software developers and system admins has vanished, systems have become more stable through teamwork.

Many companies have transformed into this structure to become more efficient and agile. We help you through this transformation.

Systems Architecture

A project that starts following an accurate and in-depth analysis is more likely to achieve more successful results with fewer resources.

The first step of a project should be selecting the programming languages, software tools, and database infrastructure to meet that project's needs in the best possible way.

As Kartaca, we ensure that your project has the most suitable architecture. We help you lower your software development, maintenance, and support costs.

Open Source System Management

Open software, such as Linux, is more preferred and supported because of its secure and robust structure, low resource use, open-source code, and the developer community behind them.

We support you in installing the Linux operating system and running Linux applications with our experienced team. We can also support virtualization, database management, web server setup and management, and system monitoring.

Big Data

Big data is often composed of unstructured data that takes up much more size. We ensure that the stored data is scalable and meaningfully usable. After the data is stored for usage, it can be used for selecting the suitable infrastructure and technology, storage based on purpose, query performance, and real-time processing.

We help you get the maximum benefit from your data through profiling, integration with ETL, real-time analysis, segmentation, and action-based data generation.

Visit here to learn more about how we innovate with Google Cloud data analytics solutions.

Cloud Systems

Google Cloud Platform

By bringing our 10-year technology experience on software and systems to the cloud environment, we offer sales and consulting services on system architecture, system management, migration, service management, infrastructure modernization, and hybrid cloud to companies interested in using Google Cloud Platform products.

We proudly added Premier Partnership in 2020, Anthos Sales Partnership in 2021, and "Cloud Migration" Specialization in 2022 to our Google Cloud Partner services.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, while we bring fast, flexible, and reliable cloud solutions to our business partners, we also increase the number of our success stories and Google Cloud certificates day by day.

Please click here for more information.

Mobile Testing Infrastructure


Kartaca has partnered with HeadSpin to resell and post-sales support of its services in Turkey and the region.

HeadSpin provides Mobile, Web, and 5G solutions to optimize digital experiences across applications, devices, and networks, allowing developers to test and monitor their apps in real-time, on real devices, and in real-world conditions before, during, and after an app is released. The infrastructure consists of thousands of devices in more than 100 locations.

HeadSpin offers state-of-the-art distributed mobile device cloud;

  • Highly secure, proprietary technology that is available 24/7 and allows developers to seamlessly test on a variety of devices anywhere in the world
  • Custom physical box that is RF compliant and temperature-controlled to avoid device burnouts
  • Cloud-hosted software, whether the device is hosted on-premises or in a data center
  • Zero hour iOS/Android OS and device support
  • Access devices remotely from a browser or mobile phone
  • Private or shared coverage for the device pool

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