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Communication and mutual respect are indispensable to us both for our customers and our relationships within the team. We value ​​all of our employees first as human beings; we offer tools and conditions to work peacefully and learn continuously.


Everyone at Kartaca knows that they have equal rights with others in the team and are subject to the same rules. Neither do we consider anyone’s religion, race, sexual identity, or sexual orientation during the recruitment process, nor is it our business at any time. We assess everyone at Kartaca by a fair measurement of their work.


We are goal-oriented. We manage the time effectively and complete projects at the promised time. With our business standards that we do not compromise, we achieve high quality in the project outputs and prevent technical debts.


We work together as a team or individually during the day for a common purpose, sharing common values. We support and motivate each other and complete our tasks with a focus on satisfying our customers.


We proactively discover and present new ideas and technologies before our customers’ requests. While developing software, we prefer to use open-source tools and libraries, and we give financial support to organizations and activities that contribute to free software.

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