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Don't worry about collecting your online payments and coping with the high commissions charged by virtual POS service providers anymore!

With Ko-pilot, you can collect payments instantly through all bank cards and different payment tools (Turkcell Mobile Wallet, İş Bank Parakod, Paypal, BKM Express, mobile payment) in every currency with a single integration and contract. Using installments, loyalty points, and making campaigns is also possible.

No commission, no blockage! Pay only the monthly fees based on your transaction volume.

What sets Ko-Pilot apart?

Quick and Simple Integration

Integrating Ko-Pilot into your system through the web service infrastructure is fast and straightforward. You can easily integrate it with ERP systems and e-commerce platforms.

Collection from All Bank Cards and Different Payment Tools with Single Integration

With Ko-Pilot, you can collect payments with all bank cards and different payment tools (Turkcell Mobile Wallet, İş Bank Parakod, Paypal, BKM Express) through a single integration and contract.

Installment, Loyalty Points, and Campaigns

With Ko-pilot, users can also benefit from installments, loyalty points, and campaigns banks and payment systems provide.

Advanced Reporting Interface

Through Ko-Pilot's advanced reporting interface, it is possible to see metrics such as users who made a purchase, purchased products, and the total number of orders within a month. Also, the admin panel enables user management and bank/account management.

Reseller Collection System Support (Ko-Pilot Reseller)

You can create a custom payment page for your company through the compatible infrastructure (vendor-reseller system) and integrate it with your ERP system. Ko-pilot automatically processes the payments received from the resellers to the current accounts in the ERP system.

Secure Technical Infrastructure

Having open-source and reliable software used in its development, Ko-Pilot is very safe and stable. Structural problems can be solved quickly with the support of the developer community behind the software used.

Credit Card Security

Ko-pilot does not keep credit card information anywhere and transmits it directly to the bank or the payment instrument. Ko-pilot supports secure processing via 3D secure.

Advantageous Conditions: No Blockage, No Commissions

With Ko-pilot, you receive the collections directly to your company's account. Payment collections are neither kept in an intermediary bank nor blocked. Just a monthly fee is charged based on the collection volume.

How does Ko-Pilot work?

1 - When a customer reaches the payment page, Ko-pilot redirects the page either to the partner payment page or your custom payment page through API.

2 - The customer starts the payment process by entering the details after selecting the payment option.

3 - Ko-Pilot sends the information entered by the customer directly to the bank/payment system and displays the transaction status (successful/failed) to the customer.

What is Ko-Pilot Reseller?

Ko-Pilot Reseller is the payment infrastructure specially developed for the B2B vendor-reseller system.

It enables resellers of different scales in your network to collect payment from their customers with the advantages of Ko-Pilot, thus helping you grow your market share faster without relying on resellers' technical limitations.

With Ko-Pilot Reseller, you can create a custom payment page for your company and integrate it with your ERP system. Ko-Pilot reseller automatically processes the payments received from the resellers to the accounts in the ERP system.

A vendor company can efficiently manage the reseller add-delete operations through the advanced administration panel. While all resellers can only view their payment collections, the vendor can display all payment collections instantly.

Ko-Pilot in Real Life: Genpa-Bayi Online (Genpa Online Reseller Platform)

Genpa, a distributor of mobile phones and tablets, offering wholesale and retail distribution of accessories and providing technical support, has been using Ko-Pilot for its online payment infrastructure. Genpa has approximately 500 resellers.

While you collect safely with the Ko-pilot, we are with you as a team!

  • 10+ years of experience
  • A Project Manager; experienced, solution-oriented, and dedicated to your project
  • Dedicated and talented developers and system admins for your project
  • 24/7 support via email and phone; on-site support if needed
  • Service standards and uptime guaranteed by the SLA
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