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Are you ready to revolutionize the way your customers receive information? Say hello to Ekho, the cutting-edge AI-supported digital assistant that speaks any language and elevates user experiences to unprecedented heights.

Ekho is designed to transform your web or mobile applications into a gateway of seamless, multilingual, and voice-enabled interactions where information is at your fingertips!

Ekho uses speech recognition and translation technologies to provide audio responses in the user's preferred language by querying both internal databases and external AI sources.

What can Ekho do?

AI-powered Learning and Adaptability
Generative AI Integration
Speech-to-Text Conversion
Text-to-Speech Conversion
Voice Recognition
Audio Inputs/Outputs in Preferred Languages
On-the-fly Translation
Interactive Guidance
Internal/External Database
Add Any Content
to Existing Knowledge-base
Easy Integration

Why would my team use Ekho?

Accelerated User Adoption

Ekho makes onboarding processes smoother by providing contextual on-demand support and guidance when it matters most. Ekho's user-friendly interface and instant access to information expedite the onboarding process, helping users grasp your product's value sooner.

Enhanced User Experiences

Ekho revolutionizes user experiences by providing on-demand, voice-enabled access to valuable information in preferred languages. Your users can swiftly find the information they seek, saving precious time and enabling more efficient interactions. Ekho's voice-activated features also improve accessibility for individuals with mobility or visual impairments.

Resource Optimization

Ekho frees up valuable staff resources, optimizing operations by reducing the need for in-person assistance by covering routine questions and mundane tasks and taking the pressure off your support team.

Empowering Decision Makers

By quickly accessing advanced and unified reports with audio queries using Ekho, executives can access valuable insights on the fly and make informed decisions.

Generative AI Integration

You can expand Ekho's capabilities for human-like text and responses with Generative AI integration.

Data-Driven Improvements

Ekho stores and analyzes search queries, enabling continuous enhancements based on user preferences.

Scalability and Customization

With Ekho, you can easily adjust to the changing needs of your growing user base. Ekho is designed to provide tailored and flexible solutions for businesses of all sizes and complexities.

Streamlined Content Expansion

You can easily add new content to your knowledge base with Ekho, ensuring users have access to the latest information.

Seamless Integration

You can integrate Ekho effortlessly into your software ecosystem, enhancing user experiences without workflow disruptions.

Ekho Use Case Examples

Industry Use Case
Travel Travelers can use Ekho to navigate destinations, find local attractions, and easily book accommodations via voice commands. Personalized languages and voice commands enhance the traveler's overall experience.
Museums and Tourist Attractions Ekho can help provide guided tours, offering visitors a more engaging and informative experience by delivering content in multiple languages via voice.
E-commerce & SaaS Ekho can help streamline the onboarding and adoption process with a user-friendly and informative experience. Your users can quickly discover the value of your e-commerce/SaaS platform with voice-enabled support that handles common inquiries, allowing your teams to focus on more complex user needs.
Customer Support Centers Ekho can serve as a virtual assistant for customer support teams, helping them handle common inquiries and providing consistent and accurate responses, thus improving overall customer satisfaction.
Healthcare Patients can easily access healthcare information through Ekho, expediting their understanding of medical services. Tailored language preferences and quick responses enhance patient satisfaction and trust in healthcare providers.
Education Ekho can be integrated into educational platforms, assisting students in finding relevant course materials, answering questions, and providing language support for learners of different backgrounds.
Automotive Car manufacturers and dealerships can implement Ekho in vehicles to provide hands-free access to navigation, infotainment, and vehicle control systems, improving safety and convenience.

While you transform user experiences with Ekho, we are with you as a team!

  • 10+ years of experience
  • A Project Manager; experienced, solution-oriented, and dedicated to your project
  • Dedicated and talented developers and system admins for your project
  • 24/7 support via email and phone; on-site support if needed
  • Service standards and uptime guaranteed by the SLA
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