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The Way We Work

Organizational Structure

Instead of an organizational structure based on hierarchy, we established a multidimensional organization that allows us to communicate rapidly and clearly.
Our organizational structure is a nested matrix: Teams (consisting of employees with various specialization) and Departments (consisting of employees with similar specialization). This way, a marketing specialist and an application and service developer can work on the same project as a team, while on the other hand, the application and service developers are in the same department so that they continue their methodological and personal development.
Due to the nature of our organizational structure and the products/solutions we offer, our tasks are directly linked, and we need to work together as a team most of the day. Therefore, all team members must communicate clearly and complete the assigned tasks on time.

Working Hours and Annual Leaves

We perform efficiently during working hours instead of exhausting for long hours, and in the evenings we take time to ourselves and our family.

In line with our efficiency and quality policy, we have created an original working order and organizational structure. Kartaca employees can arrange their weekly schedule to allocate 40 hours of work per week and to arrive between 08:00 and 10:00 on weekdays. Everyone can handle their private matters during the day by planning with their team. Office entry and exit times are monitored by the fingerprint reading system, and our daily working time is calculated. Although it may seem like an unusual system at first, it may be more advantageous for people who do not have the habit of taking long breaks during the day compared to the fixed entry hours. For example, an employee who arrives at 08:00 in the morning and completes the daily working time can leave the office at 16:00.

As much as we value the work, we also care about resting and refreshing.

Each employee who has completed one year in Kartaca is entitled to 15 working days/3 full weeks of annual leave.

Performance Management

Team Targets and Personal Targets

All employees that passed the trial period are given targets every 5 months, to be reached personally and as a team. Team goals are set based on the priorities of team members, business development, strategy, sales, and marketing departments. Personal goals are set by talking individually to the employees within departments.

Performance Evaluation and Rewarding

At the end of each 5 months, target results are evaluated by the employee, the supervisor, and the management. The salary raise is given based on the ratio of the completed targets, twice a year, and a bonus is paid based on the salary.

Training Policy

Specific Training Share for Everyone

We need to follow the constantly changing technology closely for continuous progress. We know that the more our employees make progress, the more our company can go forward. Therefore, we encourage our employees to participate in external training. To support this, we accumulate a training share for each employee, in proportion to the time they work with us. Everyone can use their shares to participate in various forms of training as they wish. In cases where the training share is insufficient, they may request an advance.

A Constantly Enriching Library

With the monthly budget allocated independently of the training; we enrich the company library by supplying new books and magazines requested by our employees in line with their roles, needs, and interests. Currently, Kartaca library has more than 300 books that can be borrowed by the employees at any time.

What Our Team Says