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We gather our unprecedented digitalization expertise and reimagine the future for TMT professionals.

With the emergence of "BANI", and "VUCA" becoming obsolete, TMT professionals are inclined to move more deliberately toward disruption.

While immersive technologies, NFTs, 5Gs, digital twins, blockchain, and many more are on the rise, the future of TMT professionals presents many new opportunities and business models. On the other hand, sector-specific challenges such as shifting consumer behavior, the need to offer much more innovative and higher quality services, managing technical complexities with more agility, focusing on cybersecurity, and redesigning supply chains for resiliency remain on the horizon.

Kartaca provides you with all the indispensable tools and technologies to rethink your omnichannel approach, capitalize on digitization and transform your business to sustain profitability.



Targeted Message Delivery Platform

✓ Plug-and-Play Structure
✓ Various Delivery and Content Types
✓ Advanced Database Profiling
✓ Comprehensive Interface
✓ Advanced Analytics
✓ PaaS Infrastructure



Digital Content Distribution Platform

✓ Smart Recommendation Engine
✓ Very Advanced Search Feature
✓ On-the-fly CMS
✓ Promotion Engine
✓ Distribution Platform
✓ Seamless Provider Integration
✓ White Label iOS and Android Tablet Applications



Omnichannel Campaign Engine

✓ Targeted Cross-Channel Marketing and Retargeting
✓ Real-Time Interaction
✓ Complex Event Processing
✓ Triggered Campaign Communication
✓ Big Data Profiling
✓ Advanced Analytics and Insights


Which product solves my problem?

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Faster and more frequent delivery, continuity of software products, and routine operational tasks through DevOps transformation


System Architecture

In-depth analysis, selecting the programming languages, software tools, technologies, and database infrastructure


Big Data

Data profiling, data unification, ETL integration, real-time analysis, segmentation, DWH modernization, and action-based data generation


Cloud Systems

Cloud system architecture, system management, migration, service management, infrastructure modernization, and hybrid cloud


Success Stories

beIN APAC – Data Modernization

Kartaca developed a technology stack neutral Customer Data Platform (CDP) that is highly cost-effective, flexible, and can be queried by...


fizy - Splash Digital Content Distribution

fizy has become Turkey’s biggest music distribution platform with 10M+ users, 40M songs, video clips, millions of lyrics...


Hear what our customers say

Murat Taşbaş
Çağhan Özbek

Senior Lead, Digital Products & Technology, beIN Asia Pacific

"The Customer Data Platform established by Kartaca for us is a cost-effective data platform modernized with a secure, queryable, joinable, and shareable manner across different sources and end-points. As the platform swiftly democratizes the data, it helps segmentation and route insightful findings to charts and even 3rd party marketing automation platforms easily by non-technical team members. By this approach, non-technical team members can excavate business insights from the platform with ease."
Esin Karaman

fizy Lead Product Manager, Turkcell

"Kartaca provided seamless communication with its expert team and leaders during our project. Their services on infrastructure and UX enabled our platform to grow in Turkey and achieve its goals. Their 24/7 technological support prevented possible problems, allowing the services to be up and running despite high user traffic. Our collaboration helped the significant growth of our user base in a short time."
Bülent Bender
Bülent Nuri Bender

Turkcell Digital Telco Services Manager

"Together with Kartaca, we develop the web portal and mobile applications of our Çalarken Dinlet service to our end users. Nowadays, where customer experience is significant in usage habits, it is precious for us to work with a technology partner that we can speak in the same language."
Banu Gören
Banu Gören

Turkcell Digital ID Services Manager

"Kartaca quickly understands the needs of your business and produces quick solutions. They follow the new technologies very closely, add value to the solutions, think with you, and develop."
Neslihan Uçar Çadırcı
Esra Bayramoğlu

Invio General Manager

"Through Kartaca's product Efficity, we can reduce the operational costs of our company's Human Resources processes, and measure the working times of our personnel in a completely objective way."
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