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“Rise Through The Ranks” Program

Walk Your Career Journey with Kartaca

What is the “Rise Through The Ranks” Program?

It is the two-month internship program of Kartaca that takes place in the summer period every year.

Why should I participate in the Kartaca “Rise Through The Ranks” Program?

In this program, we support our participants to progress professionally by taking part in real projects. We don’t believe anyone would benefit from 8 weeks of making copies, bringing coffee, and other errands. Moreover, after completing a successful “rising through the ranks” period, we also guarantee you a real job offer from Kartaca to start after your graduation.

At Kartaca, you will be able to professionally practice your theoretical knowledge with a real work discipline by working both in free software and in real projects with experts in the field. Besides the extensive sharing of information and experience, you are welcomed to borrow any book you want from our library. Our library is continuously enriched with the books that our team requests.

You can set your working hours according to your schedule. For example, if you cannot wake up early on a day, you can arrive at the office at 10:00 AM. In case you have an appointment at the doctor’s office in the afternoon, you can leave the office earlier and complete your missing working hours in the following days.

Each month as a team, we spend time together to have fun with different activities. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to try an activity that you haven’t tried before.

Well, where are we? We have a spacious office in the Technopark section of Yıldız Technical University, Davutpaşa Campus, where it is straightforward to reach by subway. We offer a living space where you can find plenty of snacks, coffee varieties, and soft drinks to make your work more enjoyable.

Besides, since you work with us as a full-time employee during these eight weeks, we find your efforts very valuable, and we pay a monthly wage for your work.

You can check out the comments of the previous “Rise Through The Ranks” Program participants. (Some of them are now working with us as colleagues.)

If you have any questions about the program, please visit the FAQ.

2023 “Rise Through The Ranks” Program took take place between Jul 5 and Aug 29. Stay tuned for 2024 applications..