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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office?

Is there any age limit to participate in the program?

There is no age limit. You just need to be a university student or a fresh graduate. Graduate students may also apply.

How many people will be accepted?

There is no limit for us as long as there are people we want to work with and available seats in our office.

What are the acceptance criteria?

If you are aiming for a career in the software industry, trying to get more than what you learn in school, and willing to contribute; you can apply. When the application period is over, we email you a coding challenge specially prepared based on the role you prefer and later evaluate the results. Finally, we invite the ones who have succeeded in the challenge to our office for a face-to-face interview and then finalize the process.

If you think you relate to the following statements such as;

  • “I want to rise through the ranks.”
  • “I want to get inspired by software experts in a long-established firm.”
  • “I would like to contribute to providing solutions for life, bringing a new perspective, enthusiasm, and effort.”
  • “I want to do my summer internship not only for the sake of doing it but also to gain new experience and knowledge.”
  • “I want to learn how to use free software at a company that has a passion for it.”
  • “I want to learn the engineering culture in a company that values people.”
  • “I believe I can contribute to Kartaca’s vision of leading the change.”

Then we are looking forward to having you on our team.

Will I be paid?

Yes, since you will be working as a real employee during these 8 weeks, we will thank you by giving a monthly fee for your work.

Will you pay the transportation fee during the program?

Yes, at the end of each month we pay the monthly Akbil fee for the previous month. Teknopark also has free transportation facilities.

Who will mentor/supervise me?

You will have a guide to monitor your internal training, your contribution to real projects, and your progress.

You really want me to participate in the “Rise Through the Ranks” Program for 2 months and take no weekdays off. Right?

Yes. We want time and effort to be spent on mutual satisfaction, both for Kartaca and for you.

You guarantee that you will make a real job offer after completing a successful “rising through the ranks” period. Will it be an official offer in writing?

Yes, we always make written job offers.