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The slow and cold communication era over email and telephone with customers and prospects has closed long before. Now we are interacting all the time since social media has been in our lives.

The meaning of CRM is changing with Knit's advanced technical infrastructure that enables collecting data and managing interactions.

What is Knit?

Knit is a social CRM tool that tracks and gathers customer data from channels such as email and social media, unifies customer interactions, and enables responding in one go.

Why should I choose Knit?

Social Integration

Reach your customers’ social media profiles and integrate them into your system.

Advanced Data-Collection

In addition to basic demographics, gather psychographic data from your customers, such as their favorite food, the places they like, and where they prefer for the holidays, and provide a quick and personalized service by building friendly relationships.

Unified Social Inbox

View all the messages together and easily send instant messages to the users with the system that combines all communication with your company on social networks.

Complete Communication History

Record customer data and create a complete communication history in your system by combining customer interactions across all channels.

Social Listening

Monitor the comments, likes, and other messages about your brand, and reach your "brand evangelists" (those who praise and promote your brand), people sharing your new products, or unsatisfied customers.

Social Searching

Create alerts on social networks (with selected keywords) to reach potential customers and capture new sales opportunities.

Social Analytics

Measure the website traffic and conversion rates from your customers' shares and interactions with your brand.

Integration with 3rd Parties

Easily integrate with Third-Party software you use for customer communication, productivity, marketing, and accounting.

Let your competitors continue using traditional CRM methods and study market research analysis.
Instead of making segmentation based on assumptions, listen to the voice of your customer, know your customer, react swiftly, and get ahead in the competition with Knit.

While you bring a new perspective to CRM with Knit, we are with you as a team!

  • 10+ years of experience
  • A Project Manager; experienced, solution-oriented, and dedicated to your project
  • Dedicated and talented developers and system admins for your project
  • 24/7 support via email and phone; on-site support if needed
  • Service standards and uptime guaranteed by the SLA
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