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We pave the way for you to embrace your digital capability and pioneer the leisure and hospitality industry.

Subsequent to the inevitable pandemic conditions worldwide, the leisure and hospitality industry is facing a multitude of challenges and opportunities in the "new normal" era.

While customer demand is at a peak after extended lockdowns, there is still a lack of confidence in participating in leisure-related activities. Due to the lockdown conditions, there has been a considerable staff shortage in leisure and hospitality following the major employee shift to other sectors, as the furloughed staff was not keen to return to work. The increasing staff and operating costs led to players becoming multichannel operators during the pandemic. Leisure professionals undeniably need to direct their focus on efficiency, quality, product, pricing, branding, and seamless integration of all channels.

On the other hand, there is a lifetime opportunity for those who better understand customer preferences and needs, leverage big data in decision-making, and incorporate technology in traditional operations such as mobile apps, loyalty schemes, omnichannel marketing tools, and efficiency tracking.



Loyalty Platform

✓ Personalized Behaviour-based rewarding
✓ Multi-Merchant Ecosystem
✓ Campaign Management
✓ Gamification
✓ Unified Customer Profile and Dynamic Segmentation
✓ Product Search by Image
✓ Store-Level Offer Management
✓ First-party data collection at scale



Omnichannel Campaign Engine

✓ Targeted Cross-channel Marketing and Retargeting
✓ Real-Time Interaction
✓ Complex Event Processing
✓ Triggered Campaign Communication
✓ Big Data Profiling
✓ Advanced Analytics and Insights



Enterprise Efficiency Management

✓ Staff Entry-Exit Tracking
✓ Timesheet Tracking
✓ Vacation and Absence Tracking
✓ Attendance Tracking
✓ Equipment Inventory Tracking
✓ Authorization/Delegation
✓ Personnel File and Payroll Tracking
✓ Shared Company Calendar
✓ Integrated Staff Cost Calculation



AI-supported Digital Assistant

✓ AI-powered Learning and Adaptability
✓ Generative AI Integration
✓ Speech-to-Text Conversion
✓ Text-to-Speech Conversion
✓ Voice Recognition
✓ Audio Inputs/Outputs in Preferred Languages
✓ On-the-fly Translation
✓ Context-Awareness
✓ Interactive Guidance
✓ Internal/External Database Querying
✓ Global Intelligence


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Faster and more frequent delivery, continuity of software products, and routine operational tasks through DevOps transformation


System Architecture

In-depth analysis, selecting the programming languages, software tools, technologies, and database infrastructure


Big Data

Data profiling, data unification, ETL integration, real-time analysis, segmentation, DWH modernization, and action-based data generation


Cloud Systems

Cloud system architecture, system management, migration, service management, infrastructure modernization, and hybrid cloud


Success Stories

Metglobal - Google Cloud Infrastructure Service

Metglobal costs have decreased by 50%, and capacity increased to 300% after using Google Cloud. Their performance increase...


Hear what our customers say

Baran - tatildekirala
Baran Mat Product Director

"Together with Kartaca, we have developed the critical guest experience-oriented features of In this process, they have played an important role in helping us achieve our goals, especially by quickly understanding our vision, integrating with our team, and providing guidance for differentiating our product features."
Utku Altınkaya

Metglobal CTO

"Our confidence in Kartaca's business culture and technical competence was the dominant factor in choosing Kartaca as a Google Cloud partner. Besides, Kartaca's expertise in the cloud and their successful past projects also positively affected our decision. We had faith that Kartaca would manage the communication much successfully.”
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