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Next Generation Marketing

With our next-generation marketing solutions, we build solutions that perfectly fit your business strategy, target audience, and needs. We support you in taking a step ahead in the competition, regardless of your company's scale and sector.

We believe it is possible to build perfect solutions only when software engineers and system architects work together. Therefore, we’ve assembled an unprecedented level of hands-on talent and project management methodologies under one roof to offer excellent marketing solutions to our customers. Kartaca, like a silver bullet, helps you find the solution that perfectly fits your business and enables you to turn your insights into results.

With our experienced project managers and qualified software and systems teams who have managed dozens of projects to date, we take place in every stage of the projects from idea to completion and manage the process end-to-end, ensuring that it fits your needs.

Next Generation Loyalty Systems

Turn your customers into long-haul partners and improve your customer lifetime value (CLV) with Kartaca Loyalty Solutions.

Acquiring new customers can motivate your company, but retaining your valued customers is much more critical. With a retention-based marketing strategy, you can increase your conversion rates and achieve a higher Return on Marketing Investment.

"Acquire new customers, but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold."

Omnichannel Marketing

Increase your conversion rates with logical, fully integrated campaigns that you can quickly build!

We've designed Kartaca Omnichannel Marketing Solutions to provide an end-to-end, effortless way for you to manage your digital marketing activities. Your digital marketing teams can react more quickly to trend changes and actualize marketing campaigns without waiting for developers.

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Meet the secure and nationalized cloud with private and hybrid cloud solutions of Kartaca!

We care about your security as much as you do. You can experience the benefits of cloud technology without compromising your security. With private and hybrid cloud options, you can make the cloud environment private to your company, personalize, or customize access.

Next Generation Messaging

Increase your conversion rates and lower your customer acquisition costs! Do targeted marketing to selected users instead of mass campaigns with Kartaca Next Generation Messaging.

Kartaca assembles complex event analysis and advanced database profiling capabilities in the Next Generation Messaging Systems with its infrastructure that supports different messaging channels.

Targeting and Segmentation

By segmenting your big database of millions of users, events, and behaviors within seconds based on the criteria you want, you can get much more successful results from your marketing campaigns.

With Kartaca's complex event processing capability, you can build your personalized targeting strategy instead of bulk campaigns.

Enterprise Efficiency Management

Prevent losses and hidden costs by moving all processes that require tracking in your company to a digital environment.

Kartaca’s Enterprise Efficiency Management Solutions provide integrated cost accounting and prevent data loss by transforming paperwork and charts into web-based applications.

Digital Content Distribution

Lead digital transformation by taking more place on smartphones, tablets, and other online media.

With Kartaca's Digital Content Distribution Solutions, you can offer personalized digital content such as music, video, games, e-learning, e-books, etc., and increase customer loyalty.

AI-supported Digital Services

Experience the future where technology understands and empowers you.

Designed to transform your applications into a gateway of seamless, multilingual, and voice-enabled interactions with information at your fingertips, Kartaca's AI-supported digital solutions can speak any language and elevate user experiences to unprecedented heights, leveraging speech recognition and translation technologies.

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