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Working at Kartaca

We prioritize mutual satisfaction and believe that it is the key to a long-term collaboration. Before applying for a job with us, we encourage you to review the important information provided below.

Is Kartaca the right fit for you?

Our work environment at Kartaca is truly one-of-a-kind. We’ve managed to strike the perfect balance between the traditional structure of established companies and the dynamic, forward-thinking approach of startups. This has allowed us to create a work atmosphere that is both structured and innovative, giving us a unique edge in the industry.

Kartaca provides an exceptional opportunity for individuals seeking career advancement in the software industry with its supportive and challenging environment that is perfect for both beginners and experts alike. Drawing from years of experience cultivating a thriving corporate culture, Kartaca serves as a valuable training ground for aspiring individuals seeking to hone their skills in the software industry while providing the necessary structure for career advancement in any field. Additionally, experienced professionals have the opportunity to work within a delightful software house, blending their expertise with the enthusiasm and talents of Kartaca.

What you won’t deal with when you work at Kartaca

  • Meetings with numerous unresolved issues and topics
  • Initiating projects without proper analysis, planning, or testing (“Make it up as you go along” approach)
  • Undocumented tasks, verbal job requests, or using connections to get things done
  • Deploying code that has not been reviewed, commented on, or agreed upon
  • Being asked to perform tasks outside of your job description indefinitely
  • Forgetting, omitting, delaying, or failing to complete routine tasks
  • Managers insisting on using outdated technologies
  • Disrespectful conversations and arguments
  • Engaging in unproductive activities or slacking off
  • A general manager who prefers to stay secluded in their office and has limited interaction with the team
  • Any illegal or unethical practice or requests

Are you the right fit for Kartaca?

We’re looking for the following qualities in our candidates:

  • Be good at what they do, meticulous, and responsible
  • Share our corporate values (people-centric, fair, self-disciplined, team player, innovative)
  • Have work ethics
  • Be enthusiastic and curious to learn
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