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Working at Kartaca

We know that the way to work together for a long-run is mutual satisfaction, so we recommend you to evaluate the answers to the following questions before applying for a job at Kartaca.

Is Kartaca Right For You?

We have a company structure that is far from the monotony of enterprises and the complexity of startups. As Kartaca, we have created a new working atmosphere by combining the systematics of enterprises and innovation of startups.

As Kartaca, we have built a generous corporate culture over the years and thanks to our experience, we have created a unique school for our new friends who want to get to know the software industry, to get the business discipline and to improve themselves in any field they want. On top of it, we offer our experienced colleagues in the industry, the opportunity to work in a delightful software house where they can add their experiences to the excitement and talents of Kartaca.

What you won’t be dealing when working in Kartaca?

  • Meetings with a long, unresolved agenda
  • Projects which are initiated without being tested, planned or analyzed.
  • Unpublished & unplanned jobs
  • Codes that have not been reviewed, commented or agreed by anyone else.
  • Being asked to perform duties outside your scope of work, for an indefinite period
  • Repetitive routine tasks that are forgotten, omitted, delayed, incomplete
  • Managers who insist on using old technologies
  • A disrespectful argument style
  • Carelessly prepared tasks, slacking
  • A general manager who prefers to stay in his room and has a distance to the team
  • Any illegal/unethical practice or request

Are you eligible for Kartaca?

We’re looking for the following qualities in our candidates:

  • Doing their job well; being caring and responsible
  • Ability to adapt to our corporate values (human-oriented, fair, open, self-discipline, innovative, team-spirited)
  • Having work ethics
  • Being enthusiastic and curious to learn
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