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Acquiring new customers can be motivating for your company, but retaining your valued customers is much more critical. By a retention-based marketing strategy, you can increase your conversion rates and achieve higher profits.

Lixus is a next-generation loyalty program, helping you turn your customers into long-haul partners.

With Lixus, you can bring together your partner-brands under the same roof and deliver their campaigns to the target segment quickly and easily. Also with Lixus, your customers can earn loyalty points every time they shop based on your campaign scenario, and you can reach a wide-range customer segment with dynamic campaign and communication planning.

“A 5% increase in customer retention boots profits up to 75%.”

What can Lixus Loyalty Program members do?

Multi-Store Displaying
Shopping or Event Based Earnings
Being Notified of Nearby Deals
Authentication with QR Code
Credit Card Storage with Third Party Integration
Online and Store Loyalty Card Saving
Personalized Surprise Offers
Personalizing Profile with Preferences / Favorites Feature
Sharing Opportunities
Finding All Colors and Sizes of Products with Barcode
Advanced Campaign Filtering
Inviting Friends

Lixus in real life: Hopi

Hopi, launched by Boyner Group in 2015, is a loyalty system that offers a personalized shopping experience. It cooperates with brands from clothing to technology; from travel to food in many different sectors. It delivers campaigns suitable for its users, lifestyles, tastes, and needs, and enhances the shopping experience as it is used.


Why companies need a Loyalty Program?

80% of the company's future revenues come from 20% of its loyal customers. Then customer loyalty should definitely be in strategies.

When you launch a mobile loyalty application, your brand is consistently "in the hands of" your best customers. If you think that an average smartphone user checks his notifications about 80 times a day, this means a significant engagement with your brand.

In the loyalty application, opportunities are delivered in a personalized manner and with permission to users' phones. Moreover, they earn points from their purchases. You don't have to advertise on paid channels so they come back, as they earn loyalty points and shop again using their points.

Can you imagine a more profitable marketing method with such low costs? We can't.

Why Lixus is the best in the market?

Fits for all scale and all enterprise

Even the enterprise that doesn’t have experience in creating and managing a campaign or communication plan can use Lixus easily. It doesn’t need any setup or storage.

Targeted / Permission Marketing - Personalization

You can send push notifications, in-app messages, and SMS with the information of best converting hours and most accurate communication-channel based on analyzing users' demographic information and previous behaviors, such as navigating across pages or purchasing habits. Lixus complies with the regulations through the centralized permission-communication system.

Big Data Profiling

You can filter millions of notifications in minutes, and you can do communication audience profiling based on the data collected from previous actions of individual users/audiences.

Scenarios with Rules, Filters and Limits

With the ability to set rules, filters, and limits, you can create personalized scenarios for your customers in your campaign..


You can make your campaign more interactive and attractive by adding different rewarding systems and competitive elements within the application.

Easy Integration with 3rd Party Softwares

Lixus easily be integrated with payment systems, CRM systems, GSM operators, call center, stock system and web analytics tools.

LoyalP-Connect Feature

Lixus easily be integrated app-to-app with customized access levels.

iOS and Android Application

Lixus supports both iOS and Android.


Lixus works fast and uninterrupted under high traffic through to its cutting-edge architecture.

At home, at work, on the road, or at any moment... Offering personalized deals and benefits to your customers, and becoming indispensable is very easy with Lixus. You just contact us, we think the rest!

While you expand your market share with Lixus, we are with you as a team!

  • 10+ years experience
  • A Project Manager; experienced, solution-oriented and dedicated to your project
  • Dedicated and talented developers, and system admins for your project
  • 24/7 support via email and phone; on-site support if needed
  • Service standards and uptime guaranteed by the SLA
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