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Hopi - Lixus Loyalty System Success Story


Boyner Group is a leading fashion group with 250+ stores in Turkey, serving millions of shoppers and owning some of the most successful and well-loved retail brands.

Boyner Group was looking for an advanced omnichannel, multi-merchant reward and loyalty program that would resonate with its shopper base and enable Boyner to:

  • create an ecosystem in which all stakeholders, including merchants benefit
  • deliver targeted campaigns suitable for its shoppers
  • enhance the shopping experience across physical and online channels
  • better utilize the customer shopper behavior and data
  • boost customer retention and loyalty


    Lixus, our next-generation omnichannel, multi-merchant loyalty solution to unlock value for your business, enables quick and easy campaign delivery, dynamic campaign and communication planning, and a scenario-based rewarding mechanism.

    Lixus, also used by Hopi, offers state-of-the-art features that meet the unique needs of our clients, their partners, and end-users.

  • Reward the behaviour merchants seek - Reward mechanism aligned to type of behaviour shift sought
  • Campaign management - Scenario-based, personalised, and targeted campaign management
  • Gamification - Interactive and attractive campaigns through competitive elements
  • User profiling and segmentation - Audience profiling based on the data collected from previous actions
  • Search by image - Reverse image search enabling to find similar products available on the app
  • Marketplace - A shopping platform where users can instantly buy from 100s of brands


  • Hopi has become the largest multi-merchant loyalty program in the market, with 12M+ users.
  • Hopi has created an ecosystem with 200+ merchants listed on the app.
  • Hopi has enabled data-informed decision making through real-time data collected from 8,500 beacons and 40+ sources.
  • Hopi, connected to 16.5k+ points of sale, has improved the omnichannel shopping experience.


    We understand loyalty solutions from the inside

    We know how other retailers use, deploy, and run loyalty schemes - and what they get out of them in return.

    We have "walked the walk"

    We have worked alongside businesses to develop, set up, and implement loyalty schemes and understand potential pitfalls.

    We work collaboratively with our clients

    We actively engage to create a solution that is "bought into" throughout the organisation.

    We dedicate substantial time and input

    We take personal responsibility for the success of our projects.

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