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Confidential Client – ML & ML APIs Success Story

A state-of-the-art AI-supported platform to provide better services to their users via 24/7 on-demand access to information in their chosen language


[Confidential Client] from public services sector sought ways to improve visitor experiences by integrating an AI-supported digital assistant in their mobile app to enable the power of voice to create better user experiences for travelers. The travelers would receive on-demand access to information through their smartphones via audio responses to their questions and also personalize their communication based on language preference.


Kartaca created an AI-supported digital assistant, leveraging Google Cloud ML tools and APIs (Text to Speech, Speech to Text, and Translate API), Cloud SQL for storage, and BigQuery for data processing during smart searches. For each question, a query is created and run in their database as well as a 3rd party AI. Answers are returned to users in an audio recording format in their chosen language.


  • Leveraged the vast amount of information on their database to improve services offered through 24/7 access to self-service information
  • Optimized their resources by freeing up its staff that responds to queries
  • Increased efficiency by reducing the need for in-person visits
  • Aims to ultimately improve efficacy in the future by storing search queries and reviewing them


BigQuery, Text to Speech, Speech to Text, Translate API, Cloud SQL

[Confidential Client] chose Google Cloud due to scalability, redundancy, managed and serverless services, Google's security investment, and monitoring capabilities.