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fizy - Splash Digital Content Distribution Success Story


Turkcell is a leading telecommunication and technology services provider headquartered in Turkey, with around 40M subscribers. The incumbent serves its customers with voice, data, TV, and value-added services on mobile and fixed networks.

Turkcell was overhauling its existing music streaming platform, which would unlikely remain competitive in the rising digital era's fierce and saturating market conditions. Thus, Turkcell was exploring ways to better monetise its rich music content catalogue of various distributors through a platform that would deliver a personalized digital music streaming experience.

Turkcell needed a trailblazing digital content distribution platform that would accompany its desire for a disruption in the market.


Splash is a cross-platform and multi-device compatible personalised digital content delivery platform that enables you to process, group, analyse, and create campaigns with your digital content.

We developed Turkcell Music, which then was rebranded as fizy from scratch on our Splash product, with a subscription-based model for content distribution.


  • A smart recommendation engine that helps create personalised lists and top categories such as most listened, most viewed, most read, and most popular
  • A very advanced search feature that uses unique algorithms to enable search across playlists, artists, albums, and songs
  • An on-the-fly CMS to manage content across all channels without a new deployment and an easy-to-use admin panel
  • An easy-to-manage promotion engine to provide users access to digital content via various pricing and subscription models
  • A top-notch distribution platform that allows for live streaming of exclusive concerts and events
  • A seamless music provider integration that solves license-related rights and issues
  • White label iOS and Android tablet applications for quicker time-to-market


  • Turkey’s biggest music distribution platform with 10M+ users, 40M songs, video clips, millions of lyrics, and exclusive concerts
  • An easily scalable and adaptable digital content distribution platform that satisfied Turkcell's growth ambitions
  • A cutting-edge infrastructure that supports various means of monetisation: Pay per click in-app ads, paywalls, freemium membership, and different subscription tiers
  • A state-of-the-art solution that is seamlessly integrated with other Turkcell services


    You can offer a variety of digital content with Splash

    Movie/TV Series
    Audio Book
    Ring Back Tone

    Splash works across channels

    With its custom-built iOS and Android native mobile applications and a state-of-the-art web portal, Splash offers a brand-new multichannel approach.

    Splash is easy to manage

    With a built-in CMS, Splash enables marketers to manage all content across channels and make price/subscription period changes and new music launches in seconds.

    Splash is ready to deploy

    Splash uses a lightweight infrastructure and an all-included license approach. It can be deployed on bare metal or any virtual machine without needing another DBMS, application engine, content caching, or transcoding license.


    We understand various digital content solutions

    We know how other companies use digital content distribution to innovate and disrupt their businesses - and what they get out of them in return.

    We have "walked the walk"

    We have worked alongside businesses to develop, set up, and implement digital content distribution schemes and understand potential pitfalls.

    We work collaboratively with our clients

    We actively engage to create a solution that is "bought into" throughout the organisation.

    We dedicate substantial time and input

    We take personal responsibility for the success of our projects.

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