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Confidential Client – Data Analytics Success Story

A modern data infrastructure with scalability and redundancy using managed and serverless Google Cloud services


[Confidential Client] from public services sector has 100+ microsites and is collecting visitor data as events, such as clicks, impressions, time spent, heat map, etc. Their system was running on-prem on a service that was not designed for analytical operations and it started to cause performance and access problems as the data size increased. They had access problems in their daily reports and instant report needs.


Kartaca minimized their issues by designing, building, and visualizing a modern data infrastructure for them using Google Cloud services. We used suitable managed and serverless services for their jobs, keeping them in different regions and zones and scalable. We have minimized the possibility of experiencing problems in instant access in cases where the customer needs to make data-oriented decisions.


  • Scalable and fully managed data warehouse
  • Reduced costs on processing and storing data
  • Delivering insights that their team can act on to improve their UX and better serve website visitors
  • A comprehensive BI through which they can effectively interpret and visualize terabytes of data and make it accessible to all relevant parties in the company

Kartaca helped [Confidential Client] process and analyze their data faster with the ability to scale, grow and turn their insights into actions for their users in real-time to make data more useful and accessible from the instant it’s generated.


BigQuery, PubSub, Dataflow, Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Operations Suite, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Armor, Cloud External IP Addresses, Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud NAT, Cloud Router, Firewalls, Cloud Scheduler, Cloud Functions

[Confidential Client] chose Google Cloud due to scalability, redundancy, managed and serverless services, Google's security investment, and monitoring capabilities.