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Invio - Efficity Success Story

Invio has reduced its HR-related operational costs by 50%, using Efficity, the Enterprise Efficiency Management solution of Kartaca.


Invio is an IT company operating in the field of internet technologies and mobile applications. From the day they were established, they aimed to be competent in management and sales-marketing besides their technical skills. They focus on creating tailor-made projects for various industries and building the most accurate and appropriate software in line with their customers' needs. With the help of the experience and knowledge they have gained over the years, they continue their journey by developing infrastructure products in addition to tailor-made software.


Invio mainly manages its HR processes and cost accounting calculations with Efficity. As it is possible to define business rules in Efficity, the Invio HR department can easily monitor the team's working hours and leaves and comply with the labor law and company rules. They have a digital platform where employees can instantly log in and access their daily, weekly, and monthly working time, out-of-office or operational work, all paid/unpaid leave requests, and check their reports.


Esra Bayramoğlu - Invio General Manager, says, "Having non-transparent data and the necessity to use initiative, instead of objective and measurable data, cause employees to question the justice within a company. In that sense, Efficity is proof that the same process applies to all employees in our company. Besides, there is a huge risk of data loss in the manual processes, which are not sustainable."

In addition to being a platform where employees can instantly query their working times, Efficity makes it very easy for them to track their leave requests. Employees can plan their leaves and permissions (early exit or late entry) by informing their managers through Efficity.

Through the predefined company hierarchy and rules in Efficity, it is also possible to direct the permission processes to the relevant responsible persons and automatically prevent conflicts through Efficity. Besides, in the absence of a responsible person, the LDAP integration and responsibility transfer feature within Efficity means that the process flows related to a user role can continue uninterruptedly.

Using the shared calendar and reporting features in Efficity, Invio can get reports on whether the employees are in or out, their schedules, and at what dates and times they are working or whether they are working overtime.


At first glance, Invio employees had doubts about Efficity because they perceived it as a supervision system. Over time, they understood that Efficity is not merely a system for management to chase employees and that employees could also monitor their work and leave periods. Then, Efficity became a part of their daily routine. They also like that they can access Efficity both from the office and outside the office.

"Considering the added value Efficity provides to our company, we are satisfied with it." Esra Bayramoğlu says.

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