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beIN - Data Modernization Success Story


beIN ASIA PACIFIC (beIN), a multi-platform sports media company, offers a stellar line-up of live sporting events through their premium sports brand, beIN SPORTS. They are committed to bringing great coverage, news, and analysis of the top leagues and competitions from around the planet, as well as exclusive and never-before-available content across all screens.

beIN SPORTS is available in 11 countries in the Asia-Pacific region on leading pay-TV platforms, including their live streaming player, beIN SPORTS CONNECT. They are the Home of Football and Tennis – their rights include the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, LaLiga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Australian Open, Roland-Garros, WTA, and the ATP Tour. Headquartered in Singapore, beIN ASIA PACIFIC is part of beIN MEDIA GROUP, the fastest growing global media and entertainment.


beIN was exploring ways to unite and reconcile the significant amount of data they collect from payment gateways, analytics, and CRM tools.

Some of the areas that beIN was exploring ways to unearth included;
  • Viewership profiling through a variety of dimensions such as subscription status, favorite content, and recent content views,
  • Subscription journey mapping through understanding the behavior of recently signed up users, acquisition channel, and campaign,
  • Deep-dive cohort and churn analysis to optimize marketing efforts and effectively better manage operating costs.

  • Also, the data input that beIN collects was in a non-standard format and challenging to transform into meaningful insights.

    beIN needed to move away from basic reporting to actionable data and more comprehensive BI through which they can effectively interpret and visualize terabytes of data and make it accessible to all relevant parties in the company, allowing for data-informed decision making.


    We developed a technology stack neutral Customer Data Platform (CDP) that is highly cost-effective, flexible, and can be queried by non-technical staff.
    • A reliable data warehouse that aggregates inputs from various sources (i.e., web data, transactional data, external data, app data, APIs, FTP, etc.)
    • A solid framework that makes it possible to convert raw data to a standardized format and automate a large number of processes into batches and scheduled queries instead of processing all required and non-required information in real-time
    • A data pipeline that seamlessly integrates into 3rd party analytics, tracking, monitoring, and CRM tools

    We built a highly scalable and cost-efficient business intelligence and data insights platform that allows for data-informed decision making.
    • Modern infrastructure built with tools such as Apache Airflow, Apache Superset, BigQuery
    • A cutting-edge, easy-to-use visualization tool to identify trends, patterns, and outliers within large data sets from the data platform
    • Fully-customizable dashboards to allow for data-informed decision making
      • Churn analysis
      • Cohort analysis
      • User behavior analysis
      • Predictive modeling

    We created automated auditing and reconciliation processes supported by triggers and alerts.
  • Automated reconciliation across payment gateways and alert relevant staff
  • Automated, flawless ROI analysis through integrated subscription management and client tracking data
  • Automated triggers to identify anomalies, such as issues in streaming and reporting, and alert the system and relevant staff

  • Up to 90% reduction in the number of data points delivered to the marketing automation platforms, significant cost savings in marketing operations, and a decrease in management’s time and effort on reporting
  • Data-informed decision making through dashboards, democratization of data, and automated reporting through the smart pipeline configuration from S3 to BigQuery, which previously used to take 1-2 days to prepare/build
  • Customer experience improvement through increased quality and efficiency of data management and analytics
  • Advanced fraud detection through analysis of aggregated inputs, helping tackle the growing threat from illegal streaming and effectively reducing costs


    We understand data solutions from the inside

    We know how other companies design, implement and deploy data solutions - and what they get out of them in return.

    We have "walked the walk"

    We have worked alongside businesses to develop, set up, and implement data solutions and understand potential pitfalls.

    We work collaboratively with our clients

    We actively engage to create a solution that is "bought into" throughout the organization.

    We dedicate substantial time and input

    We take personal responsibility for the success of our projects.

    Published on: June 2022

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