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Confidential Client – Application Modernization - Serverless Success Story

Streamlining the rapid growth of innovative services while enabling effective cost management with autoscaling and managed services


[Confidential Client] from public services sector needed a serverless infrastructure for their AI-supported digital assistant, which is built on Google Cloud ML & ML APIs, to bring speed and scalability without worrying about managing infrastructure.They needed a smart application that they could run with no setup, maintenance, or patching that could scale up and down based on traffic.


Kartaca established a fully managed infrastructure where the services that query the ML run on Cloud Run. This system builds a container when the request comes and scales the containers if the load increases. We used Cloud Run, Cloud Load Balancing, and serverless NEG. This service does not need to be up and running all the time; it is activated when the system load is high to support scalability.

Kartaca built a fully managed infrastructure using Cloud Run, Cloud Load Balancing, and serverless NEG to support the client's AI-supported digital assistant infrastructure.


  • Reduced the operational complexity and operational costs
  • Can embrace innovations without worrying about provisioning machines, clusters, autoscaling, or even learning how to use Cloud Run services
  • Can build and deploy scalable containerized apps written in any language


Cloud Run, Cloud Load Balancing, Serverless NEG

[Confidential Client] chose Google Cloud due to scalability, redundancy, managed and serverless services, Google's security investment, and monitoring capabilities.