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We joined the Game Booster Scale Up Program as Cloud Partner

We are excited to announce that Kartaca has joined the Game Booster Scale Up Program as Cloud Partner.

Game Booster is a game startup acceleration and support program in partnership with Game Factory and Google for Startups that is designed to accelerate the projects of Turkey’s carefully selected, high-potential, and promising early-stage game teams and make them successful.

Having worked alongside many startups and scale-ups to develop, set up, and implement technology solutions, we are confident Kartaca’s best-in-class team of engineers will help supercharge the know-how and technical expertise of scale-up gaming teams.

As Kartaca, we recognize the immense potential and impact of the gaming industry. We remain committed to fostering a dynamic environment that encourages the growth and success of the gaming sector in Turkey and beyond.

Published on: Nov 1, 2023