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Wind of Change at Kartaca


There have been some innovations in Kartaca for a while. You may have noticed.


First of all, we have become much more active in social media (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and started to share the content we think might be useful for those working in the software industry. We have received very positive feedback from you. If you don’t yet, we encourage you to follow us on social media:







We also have a blog where we share our own experiences with you on Medium, and we regularly publish blog posts from our employees:




While all of these things were happening, we worked on “” for a while. The renewed design and content of our website is with you at the end.


We think that the new is better suited to our modern, leading, and innovative face, and will express way better what we are doing.


Please review and share your feedback with us. We would be pleased.


Published on: Dec 28, 2018