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“Rise Through The Ranks” Testimonials

I have to admit, I have never seen a group of people so expert and unique. I believe that it requires a great virtue to be modest to someone who is less experienced than you, about sharing information. Kartaca turns this into reality. Just as the first sentence of a novel should be striking, I know that I have started this long journey from the right point, as I had both my internship and my first work experience in Kartaca.

Duygu Gezici

That was an internship that I learned a lot. It is good to be involved in real projects and be productive. I was able to get help in my work, and find the information I was looking for in Confluence. Our working environment was good.

Uğur Doğa Sezgin

Kartaca is a software house that manages software projects very well. It has taught me software development discipline and, I want to thank the Kartaca family for everything they have taught me.

Murat Can Sayılgan

Kartaca is an excellent school where everyone’s opinions are valued. It is a place away from the boredom of enterprises and the chaos of startups. Instead, it combines the systematic workflow in enterprises and the dynamism of startups. Kartaca has also helped me learn many new and visionary things about becoming an entrepreneur.

Sabri Karagönen

I am happy that I was part of the Kartaca family and met nice people. I have gained many new experiences while continuing my undergraduate education, and I still see the benefit of those experiences. This internship was my first professional experience, and team communication was effective. I want to thank this loving family for their warmth. Hope to remember and always be remembered — Regards from a Kartaca graduate.

Sevcan Kılınç

It was a unique experience and awareness to be involved in real projects and to understand how a disciplined company operates. Thanks Kartaca!

Aylin Gizem Selçuk

Internship at Kartaca is a journey similar to the master-apprentice relationship. You get used to working systematically in a comfortable environment. Firstly, you get training then you are given targets. At the end of the journey, you see that you have improved a lot, and you feel great when they use your code in real projects. The best part is that Kartaca prefers Free Software.

Erol Guzoğlu

Being a software company that prefers open source technologies makes Kartaca an outstanding choice for a technical internship. There is absolutely no possibility of slacking all day during your internship here. Since the company focuses on software, there is always some work to be done, new projects to be worked on, and old projects to be maintained. Also, interns are treated and cared about like full time contracted employees and paid salary. If you want to work and learn something, definitely take Kartaca as one of your internship goals!

Furkan İpek

Being given responsibility to work on real projects and fulfilling it enabled me to make a solid start to my professional life. I wish you all live the Kartaca experience.

Can Güleren