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“Rise Through The Ranks” Testimonials

I’ve had a two-month internship that was very fulfilling. It was a great post-graduation opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge I had learned in college. Thanks to the friendly team atmosphere, I was able to adapt quickly without feeling like a stranger. This made the process more enjoyable and productive. We also worked on developing an experimental SDK with Kotlin multiplatform.

İbrahim Taha Şanlı

The Kartaca team supports open-source software and constantly strives to try new things. Therefore, during my internship, I had the opportunity to touch on various aspects of software development. Over these two months, I gained experience in different software areas using technologies such as React, Spring Boot, LDAP, Docker, MySQL, MongoDB, and more. Kartaca provided me with an internship experience close to actual work experience. I would like to express my gratitude to my mentor and team leader and all my colleagues who were there for me and supported me during this process.

Tarık Gören

Kartaca has continuously captured my interest ever since I learned about who they are and what they provide. I knew right from the start that my internship would not be an ordinary one with the tasks I have been given during my internship application. It was a task that taught me to think outside the box. This way of thinking continued throughout my internship. Kartaca’s support for open-source software and innovation greatly contributed to my learning of new things. I developed a microservices application with Spring Boot, used a NoSQL database, and had the opportunity to explore different aspects of the Linux world despite having no prior knowledge. Most importantly, I perpetually learned new things through my mentor’s code reviews and feedback. I had the opportunity to work in a delightful environment with wonderful people. I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team, who constantly monitored our development and did not hesitate to share their ideas.

Semih Çalışkan

Kartaca had the most extraordinary interview period among many companies I applied to during my long internship search. After this beautiful interview, where knowledge and effort were measured, my internship period started. Everyone treated me as a real employee from the first to the last day of my internship. They gave me responsibilities and followed my work with devotion. So, I had the chance to see my progress very closely. Thanks to the services I was assigned to write, I have closely seen professional product development and made significant progress in technologies such as Spring Boot, Golang, and RabbitMQ. I want to thank all the team who answered all my questions during my internship, cared for me, and shared their experiences.

Fırat Şirvan

During the two months I spent at Kartaca, I had the opportunity to work with the Kartaca team, who consistently guided me with a vision and various perspectives. During these two months, I worked with different technologies every week. It was a very instructive process for me to do an internship in free software culture and follow the trends. In this short period, I had the chance to fit technologies such as gRPC, ReactJS, Express, NodeJS, Go, RabbitMQ, MongoDB. It is an incredible experience that Kartaca guides you to act so dynamically. Besides, Kartaca positions you as a new employee rather than an intern. Thus, you know that the task they give you is not just to keep you amused. You can push your limits and eventually exceed these limits to complete the job correctly, just like a regular employee.

Mustafa Yumurtacı

Testimonials from the previous interns were the most critical factors in my decision to apply to the “rise through the ranks” program at Kartaca. That’s why I thought I should write one myself. Kartaca’s inclination to open source and new technologies created a beneficial experience for me. During my 2-month internship period, I finished three tasks on my own. With Flutter, I developed an application suitable for all three platforms (Web, iOS, Android), a machine learning-based project using React, Golang, Python Flask, and PredictionIO, and a data flow management project using GCP PubSub and Kafka. The responsibility imposed by the projects and the work discipline makes you feel like an employee, not an intern. I feel lucky to have had such an experience at the beginning of my career.

Kadir Korkunç

It was exciting to work closely with the Kartaca family for two months. During this time, I worked on a frontend project with Vue.js on a panel that I developed using Laravel. I took my first steps towards becoming a full-stack developer. It was a different experience for me, and I had the opportunity to improve myself. Thank you to the Kartaca family for their contribution to my career.

Bektaş Çimen

Kartaca started teaching something to me even during the interview process. Later it presented me with an experience in which I had goals related to real projects and weekly evaluation meetings to see if I had a problem. It was almost like a master-apprentice relationship. As your mentor reviews your code and gives you honest feedback, you are somehow forced into doing much better quality work. I noticed my progress even in such a short period. (Special thanks to Uğur Doğan for answering every question diligently 🙂) Besides, you can comfortably express your ideas and questions at almost every meeting and get a response. To summarize, it has been a fulfilling period for me when I really ‘rose through the ranks.’ So thank you to the Kartaca family.

Buğra Göksu

The mission of this program is to provide students with industry experience. For me, it has fulfilled the exact purpose. It helped me learn new technologies (Google Cloud Vision, Pub/Sub, DataFlow, BigQuery, ReactJS), taught business culture through company meetings, and most importantly, showed my shortcomings through frequent code reviews, continuous feedback, and experience sharing. I am thankful to my mentor Ersin Yetişen, and all the Kartaca team for their support.

Furkan Özalp

Participating in the “Rise through the Ranks” Program does not make you feel like an intern. On the contrary, people see you as a teammate here. The warmth at Kartaca makes you create a bond and not want to leave. Your goals encourage you to learn more and even challenge you, as Kartaca prefers next-generation technologies. I have had unforgettable experiences in 2 months. The fact that Kartaca supports free software made it easy for me to get used to my goals and internal projects. I have once again realized how useful free software tools are. I am happy that I worked with Gnu/Linux, Openstack-Bifrost, and Python programming language for my goals.

Murat Emir Cabaroğlu

I have to admit, I have never seen a group of people so expert and unique. I believe that it requires a great virtue to be modest to someone who is less experienced than you about sharing information. Kartaca turns this into reality. Just as the first sentence of a novel should be striking, I know that I have started this long journey from the right point, as I had both my internship and my first work experience in Kartaca.

Duygu Gezici

That was an internship that I learned a lot. It is good to be involved in real projects and be productive. I could get help in my work and find the information I was looking for in Confluence. Our working environment was good.

Uğur Doğa Sezgin

Kartaca is a software house that manages software projects very well. It has taught me software development discipline and, I want to thank the Kartaca family for everything they have taught me.

Murat Can Sayılgan

Kartaca is an excellent school where everyone’s opinions are valued. It is a place away from the boredom of enterprises and the chaos of startups. Instead, it combines the systematic workflow in enterprises and the dynamism of startups. Kartaca has also helped me learn many new and visionary things about becoming an entrepreneur.

Sabri Karagönen

I am happy that I was part of the Kartaca family and met nice people. I have gained many new experiences while continuing my undergraduate education, and I still see the benefit of those experiences. This internship was my first professional experience, and team communication was effective. I want to thank this loving family for their warmth. Hope to remember and always be remembered — Regards from a Kartaca graduate.

Sevcan Kılınç

I had an internship period, which was busy every day, and I learned new things even while I was still in the selection phase. I used technologies such as Prometheus, Kubernetes, Jenkins. I also learned new things in many areas that interested me, such as LDAP, virtualization, cloud services. I had anticipated that I would learn new things while applying for an internship, but I did not think that they would be so diverse. I would like to thank my teammates who do their best when I need help in technical and other things, and the Kartaca family for their efforts to make this process successful and beneficial.

Bünyamin Dökmetaş

Among the dozens of software companies I examined in my internship search, Kartaca was the company I liked the most for the technologies they used, the work they did, and the elegance of their websites. It was an internship program exactly as I wanted in the program “Rise Through The Ranks Program” that they carried out during the summer months. Kartaca, which enabled me to get to know various technologies such as Docker, Kafka, and MongoDB with the task given at the application stage, also enabled me to got to know many different software technologies such as Drupal, Magento, Elasticsearch during my internship. In Kartaca, where you are treated like an employee rather than an intern, all kinds of in-house meetings, etc. By participating in events, you learn more about the culture of the software company. Thank you to all Kartaca family for this beautiful experience.

Ömer Sert

There were some questions I asked myself when I graduated from university. “I wonder how and where will I start my professional life?” These were questions like As time passed, I began to ask myself these questions more and more. I had a huge summer ahead of me and I had to spend it fully. I came across the “Rise Through The Ranks Program”. I immediately started researching the company, the technologies they use, and what they do. One of the biggest factors in choosing this program was the phrase “Working on Real Projects”. I submitted my application and began to wait. Everything was going according to plan, and that day came. I was very happy with the positive results of the interviews. I don’t remember having any free time since the day I started my internship. It was a full process for me. “Kartaca” enabled me to add experience to my works. Spending time with a close-knit and smiling team made me more connected to my work. I am very happy to work with a competent team. I would like to thank these beautiful people who did not spare their help when I was stuck. Long story short, this is a place that should be visited by those who want to add something to themselves.

Mehmet Alperen Tavas

During my 2-month internship journey, I worked with many people at Kartaca who guided me and gave me different perspectives. Working on challenging real projects would be highly valuable for the industry, which was a great way to develop my skills. Throughout my internship, I worked on multiple projects. In an artificial intelligence project that I developed using Java and Python languages as well as Docker and React.js technologies, I improved my back-end development skills and gained insights into the AI ecosystem. I also learned how applications work on various platforms with the project we developed by using Kotlin multiplatform technology. I would like to thank my mentor and the Kartaca family for answering my questions and guiding me during my internship.

Mustafa Hocaoğlu

The two months I spent at Kartaca were incredibly educational for me. At the beginning of each month, our goals were set, and the fact that these goals were for real projects that made a difference made me feel like an employee rather than an intern. My performance was carefully evaluated through weekly and monthly meetings. I had the opportunity to give a presentation about the agile project management system Scrum. Preparing and delivering this presentation was very useful for me to understand project management in software development. I could ask questions about anything. I am thankful fot this great opportunity.

Damlanaz Tavşanlıoğlu

The experience I gained during my internship at Kartaca was incredibly educational and valuable for me as well. My journey, which began with Kartaca’s unique interview process, continued with the opportunity to participate in real business projects. From the application stage, I felt the importance the company placed on learning, and from the first day to the last day of my internship, I felt like an employee. During my internship, I had the opportunity to work with various technologies and languages. I learned infrastructure management with tools like Kyverno, Kubernetes, Helm, and Kustomize, and I developed projects using the Go language. I started understanding security and deployment processes with tools like Docker, Vault, and Consul. By working on platforms like Magento and Google Cloud, I grasped how to provide solutions to real-world business needs. One of the most valuable experiences I gained during my internship at Kartaca was not only technical knowledge but also skills such as business ethics, communication, and teamwork. I am grateful to my mentor, Uğurcan Akkök, and the Kartaca team for patiently answering my questions. Kartaca was more than just an internship for me; it was like a school that encouraged me to behave not just as an intern but as an actual employee, taking on responsibilities and growing. I would like to thank the Kartaca family for this unique experience.

Ahmet Özyörük

Learning at Kartaca begins with the challenge when applying. The two months I spent participating in an actual project was very instructive. During this time, I gained experience in technologies such as Spring Boot, ReactJS, Elasticsearch, Consul, and Docker. My mentor and other employees helped me a lot. I want to thank the Kartaca family for this experience.

Emrullah Sevmiş

Having the opportunity to take part in real projects was very valuable and evolving for me. When you work with virtuous people who share their experiences and are modest with their expertise, you feel like a part of that team. My journey at Kartaca was an enjoyable experience that I had valuable learnings. Thanks, Kartaca!

Simge Erözel

I did not apply to Kartaca only to do an internship and get it over with. It was a productive internship process that I had thoroughly enjoyed with the tasks given even before the interview. I realized what an outstanding opportunity it would be for me. During my internship, besides learning open source tools such as MAAS and Terraform, I had the chance to use Python in a real project for the first time. Working with sincere and competent people to whom I could ask questions on every subject also contributed to me during this whole learning process. Thanks to the entire Kartaca family for this different and instructive experience!

Reyhan Gülçetin

Since I started university, I have always thought that it is essential to have industry experience before completing university life, and it will provide a significant advantage after graduation. It was the Kartaca “Rise Through The Ranks Program” that offered me this opportunity. During this 2-month period, which I think I have spent as an employee, not as an intern, I gained significant experiences. There was not a day I did not learn anything new. I used Go and Java languages in my microservice project and several technologies, many of which are very up-to-date (such as Redis, React, Cassandra, Envoy, RabbitMQ, Protobuf, PostgreSQL, Docker) in the user interface that I developed with gRPC technology. During the development process, I always felt the excitement of doing something new and the help of my mentor and everyone else. For all this, I would like to thank Kartaca for enabling me to take a solid first step into the rest of my career.

Enes Karali

These two months I spent at Kartaca have been quite instructive. I developed mobile and web apps using Node.js, React, and Flutter. Considering the C ++, Golang, and Java benchmark tests I did before that, I have had the opportunity to try many languages. Thanks, Kartaca, for this experience.

Onurcan Ari

It is valuable that Kartaca provides an environment where you can improve yourself by working on real projects. While I was getting informed about physical server installation, configuration, and hardware, I also learned about Vault and Salt and developed a service that sends service messages to people. The fact that your mentors support you in every aspect, contribute with their knowledge and experience, and the systematic way of working makes it easier for you to adjust. You can learn new things by researching, solving problems, advancing projects step by step, completing the work, and seeing the workflow of a real project. For me, it was an entirely fruitful and memorable experience.

Oğuz Halit Sak

I was pleased to have specific business plans, goals, and weekly one-to-one evaluation meetings as if I were a full-time employee, and I received immediate feedback for my work. Besides, I enjoyed developing a user interface in Angular for a real project. Thank you, Kartaca, for this experience.

Osman Kartal

Considering the experience I’ve gained in 2 months, developing frontend with Angular 8, this program is like a summer school with a tight schedule. Thanks to the Kartaca family for this internship, where I have learned more than I expected.

Alp Güngör

It was a unique experience and awareness to be involved in real projects and understand how a disciplined company operates. Thanks, Kartaca!

Aylin Gizem Selçuk

An internship at Kartaca is a journey similar to the master-apprentice relationship. You get used to working systematically in a comfortable environment. Firstly, you get training; then you are given targets. At the end of the journey, you see that you have improved a lot, and you feel great when they use your code in real projects. The best part is that Kartaca prefers Free Software.

Erol Guzoğlu

Being a software company that prefers open source technologies makes Kartaca an outstanding choice for a technical internship. There is absolutely no possibility of slacking all day during your internship here. Since Kartaca is a software house, there is always something to be done, new projects to be worked on, old projects to be maintained. Also, interns are treated and cared about like full time contracted employees and paid salary. If you want to work and learn something, definitely take Kartaca as one of your internship goals!

Furkan İpek

Being given the responsibility to work on real projects and fulfilling it enabled me to make a solid start to my professional life. I wish you all live the Kartaca experience.

Can Güleren

This week, I came to the end of a 2-month internship marathon in Kartaca. It was a dynamic process for me, each day full of new information and new tasks. I met many people here, made new connections, took part in various projects. I received support for every responsibility I took and saw how I could do better with the feedback I received. I am confident that everything I learn will be of great use in my professional life. I feel that I am much more equipped when I compare myself with my pre-internship. Anyone whose expectation from an internship is to improve themselves should apply to the Rise Through The Ranks program.

Burcu Fırat

I started to learn even while I was still doing the task given during the application process in the “Rise Through The Ranks” internship program. It was an internship program that gave me real work experience just before graduation, showed my shortcomings, gave me the opportunity to experience different technologies thanks to the goals given, and filled every day. I am very happy to have had this experience. I would like to thank all the Kartaca family who has always been interested, shared their experiences, and contributed throughout my internship.

Eren Şaşkın

My first impression when I applied for the Kartaca “Rise Through The Ranks” was that I was learning something even during the internship application. This view of mine did not change after I started my internship. As the tasks given in the office environment taught me new approaches and technologies, I also learned how things are carried out professionally and how they should be. In addition to technical issues, the fact that when I ask anyone in the office with interest and trying to solve the problem is another feature that makes Kartaca good in my eyes. I would like to thank Kartaca for the value and contribution it has given me during these two months.

Fatih Cüre

When I applied for an internship after completing my university life, the only thing I thought about was what the internship would add to me. Even if the university adds many things to us, the most important thing that it cannot give us is experience. I wanted to work in a company that would give me responsibilities and has expectations from me, and gains experience about my business life and profession. I found the features I was looking for in Kartaca’s Rise Through The Ranks program. In Kartaca, they treat you like an employee, not an intern. They impose responsibilities on you and enable you to learn a lot while fulfilling these responsibilities. During the internship period, I learned something new almost every day. I made a great effort to fulfill the tasks given to us every day and I learned a lot about PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Redis, Iyzipay, Masterpass in my Subscription Management Tool project that I developed with Java Spring Framework. I would like to thank Kartaca, which has helped me a lot in starting my business life.

Eyyüp İnan

The moment I saw Kartaca at the Career Summit and I said: This is the place where I want to be. Even the task’s content was given after the application and the interns’ comments in the past years were enough to tell me how much this 2-month program would add to me. I used the word “program” instead of “internship period” because the tasks given here, weekly and monthly meetings make you feel like an employee rather than an intern. During these two months, I worked with my teammate on a project that would integrate directly into a real environment in Java, a language I did not know, and I learned lots of things every day. In addition to the technical knowledge that I gained, seeing Ubuntu on the computers of the people I work with made me, who defines himself as a free software enthusiast, very happy. I would like to thank the Kartaca family for everything to I had the opportunity to work with sincere and caring people.

Şahin Akkaya