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Cloud for Retail: Boost Innovation and Maximize Profitability


What are the benefits of cloud adoption for retailers?

With cloud adoption, retailers can capture digital and omnichannel revenue growth, become customer-centric and data-driven, and drive operational improvement. Leveraging the cloud helps retailers become more resilient and sustain profitable growth.

How can cloud improve the shopping experience in retail?

Cloud networks disrupt the shopping experience through a variety of applications, such as advanced CRM tools and enhanced point-of-sale (POS) systems. CRM systems help retailers access comprehensive customer profiles that are essential to creating omnichannel customer experiences. Cloud also allows retailers to offer highly personalized omnichannel services such as in-store welcome messages, customized recommendations, daily exclusive membership offers, coupon codes, and other loyalty deals. In addition, customers can receive convenience information, such as the closest stores for product pickup and accurate order-ready time predictions.

How can retailers improve operational excellence?

By leveraging the cloud, retailers can track goods using real-time location data and gain more insights into their supply chain, resulting in fewer stock-outs, late/wrong deliveries, missing packages, and, eventually, operational excellence. In addition, the cloud enables customers to monitor supply chain steps relevant to their purchase, such as payment, order status, and product updates.

How can retailers improve overall security, business continuity, and data recovery?

With the help of advanced built-in security capabilities of cloud systems (i.e., advanced firewalls, data encryption, event logging, internal firewalls, etc.), retailers can protect their data and systems and avoid data breaches and cyber attacks more effectively than they would with on-prem servers. Cloud systems, as managed services, provide automated software and service updates, top-notch monitoring options, and continuous improvement of security practices, thereby ensuring data safety and integrity.

How can retailers maximize profitability?

Cloud provides analytical and AI/ML capabilities that allow retailers to gain a competitive advantage by creating elastic business models that scale in disruptive environments. Retailers can achieve a strategic edge by migrating more workloads to the cloud to transform store operations and digital experiences across their organization via intelligent and data-driven offerings and unlock growth opportunities.

Author: Gizem Terzi Türkoğlu

Published on: Jan 3, 2023