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How Cloud Supports Sustainability ūüĆĪ Part 1


How cloud supports sustainability? ūüĆĪ

Sustainability has been a popular word, and so owing to the accelerated global climate crisis.
As the pace of innovation in the cloud and the availability of new tools and services continues to explode, Gartner¬ģ forecasts worldwide public cloud end-user spending to reach nearly $600 billion in 2023. The cloud plays an essential role in helping organizations become more sustainable. It can reduce carbon emissions and facilitate sustainable innovation and research through its architecture.

How exactly cloud proves that it’s more sustainable?

1. Intelligent Infrastructure
2. Reduced Climate Impact
3. Lower Energy Consumption
4. Smarter Energy Use
5. Ambitious Sustainability Plans

What are the sustainability efforts by Google?

Google Cloud operates the cleanest cloud in the industry in order to help its customers achieve their own sustainability goals.
Helping Etsy achieve 100% renewable energy for their commerce platform
‚ÄúEtsy is one of a number of organizations committed to environmental responsibility‚ÄĒmany of whom focus on reducing the environmental impact of their operations by reaching 100% renewable energy. Google shares this commitment, and in 2017 we met our own goal of matching 100% of the energy we consume with renewable energy purchases. Reaching this milestone was very important to us, but it also mattered to many of our customers. Many organizations know that building and expanding on-premises data centers can use a lot of energy from local grids. Our own data centers are no exception, which is why we offset the impact through renewable energy purchases and high quality carbon offsets. So when a Google Cloud customer like Etsy uses our platform, they can rest assured that the net carbon emissions associated with that usage is zero.‚Äú
CTO of Etsy, Mike Fisher

Author: √Ėzge AydńĪn

Published on: Mar 27, 2023