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How I got 5 Google Cloud certificates in 3 months

In recent months, Kartaca has become a Google Cloud Partner by bringing its 10-years of technology expertise in software and system management to the cloud.

In this blog post, I explain how I got five different Google Cloud certificates in 3 months.

1) Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer

I had a preparation period of approximately one month for my first certificate, Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer. In the preparation phase, the resources presented through Coursera and Qwiklabs were quite sufficient. Besides, I have to admit that I have checked all the documents on Google Cloud’s website 🙂

The questions are sometimes related to a text between paragraphs. There are many questions about BigQuery in particular. Make sure you don’t have any question marks about BigQuery before you take the exam.

The ones who will take the exam in Istanbul should go to the Athena IT Solutions office in Kozyatağı. The exam duration is approximately 2 hours, and you have time to go back and check the questions you have marked for re-evaluation.

I could pass the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer exam on the first try on July 18th 🙂

2) Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect

After receiving the Professional Data Engineer certificate, I turned to theGoogle Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certificate. In addition to the Coursera and Qwiklabs duo, I used the Linux Academy website for Cloud Architect training.

After you have taken the Data Engineer certificate exam, you find the topics in the Cloud Architect training very easy. You see plenty of sample questions on the internet, both for the Data Engineer and Cloud Architect exams. Don’t get lazy and solve the quizzes repeatedly until you get all the answers correctly. Make a note of where you’ve made a mistake and read the source documents on Google Cloud’s site.

I took the exam for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect certificate on July 25th, one week after July 18th, and passed the exam on the first try.

3) Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer

When I made 2 out of 2, I thought why I would not get the 3rd certificate and found myself preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer exam.

Although the Cloud Architect and Data Engineer titles sounded good, I thought that I would not be a complete Google Cloud Guru (wow) without security knowledge in the cloud.

While I was preparing for the Google Cloud Cloud Security Engineer exam, I used Coursera again. This exam is newer than the Cloud Architect and Data Engineer exams, and there are not many resources available on the internet. While preparing for the exam, I strongly recommend that you read all the Google Cloud security-related white papers to the bottom line. This exam is not the type you can omit two answers and succeed with logical reasoning only.

I got prepared for this exam during the first week of my annual leave without even going out. I passed the exam on August 19th on the first try.

4) Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer

With the motivation to do 3 out of 3, I also wanted to get the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer certificate related to the software development field that I worked in before I became a Customer Relations Specialist at Kartaca.

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I used Coursera again to prepare for the exam. I think the Cloud Developer exam was the easiest of all. After Cloud Architect and Data Engineer training, you find that there are many common training topics.

Four days after deciding to take the exam, I passed the exam. I took the exam on August 23rd and passed on the first try.

5) Google Cloud Professional Network Engineer

Would the fifth time still be a charm? 🙂 I started preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer exam, which I think is the most difficult among professional certifications.

I can easily say that there are not too many resources on the internet about this exam. I watched plenty of Google Cloud Next videos on Youtube for preparation. I used Coursera again for training.

Two weeks after receiving the Cloud Developer certificate, I took the test on September 6th and came across the bitter truths of the networking concept. I didn’t pass this exam on the first try, but even taking the exam was a good experience for me.

To pass this exam, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of every component related to networking on DNS, Routers, VPN, and GCP. Once I said no to give up, and I worked hard to prepare for the second time exam.

I took the exam for the second time on October 11th and received my 5th certificate: Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer.

This 3-month period was very educational and fun for me. I hope you find this blog post useful.

Author: Cüneyt Özbilen

Date Published: Oct 14, 2019