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How Cloud Supports Sustainability ūüĆĪ Part 2


What do companies think about sustainability?

‚ąô Technology is key to transforming corporate sustainability.
‚ąô Many organizations still struggle to overcome internal barriers to achieving corporate sustainability.
‚ąô Technology innovation is the top utility executives believe will impact the sustainable growth of their organization.
‚ąô Digital technologies have the potential to help minimize carbon emissions across the entire digital value chain.
‚ąô Digitalization is correlated with a higher degree of decoupling between economic growth and emissions.

How to leverage Artificial Intelligence for sustainability?

If used correctly, AI can help transform traditional industries and systems to address climate change, ensure food and water security, protect biodiversity, and support human well-being.
World Economic Forum research found that leveraging data and AI digital solutions could reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 4% by 2030.

Can you give an example of AI for Sustainability?

Real-time tracking of wildfire boundaries using satellite imagery
As part of its mission to help people access reliable information at critical moments, Google uses satellite imagery and machine learning (ML) to monitor wildfires and inform affected communities.
Google’s boundary monitoring app shows how they use satellite imagery and machine learning to monitor fires. provides real-time support to affected people in times of crisis.
In the future, Google plans to continue improving the quality of wildfire border monitoring to expand this service to more countries and help fire officials access critical information in real time.

Author: √Ėzge AydńĪn

Published on: Mar 29, 2023